Changeable Hot Desk Sliding Signs

Hot Desking, you either love it or you hate it, there are few people who have an in-between opinion on this, one of the most contentious modern office systems around. 

We were recently tasked with creating desk signs with an added sliding feature to indicate whether the hot desk was free or not. Printed full colour and in a vibrant blue these are sure to stand out on any office desk. 

If your organisation is interested in any office signage including hot desk signs please feel free to contact the team today. 



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sdxsxd June 13, 2022

After a very rough quote for a Sign as follows, these are for desks that have been identified as “Hot Desk Use”

Leave it up to you how best this sign would be and how this is placed in a very easy place so easily identifiable. Quote/Estimate cost for each sign, initial requirement would be for a small secure office space of approximately 40 signs, however if these turn out to be what we want the amount required could be in excess of 4000 units plus. So this initial order is to test the use and viability at this stage within this small new office space, need these initial signs to be at a good and competitive cost to trial the use/viability m. Best Wishes & Please Stay Safe….Scotty Scott, email: or and…. 07&41648591.

Thank You

David Scott October 29, 2020

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