ASDA raising awareness of 'hidden disabilities' with new toilet signs

Supermarket giant ASDA have recently introduced new accessible toilets signs in over 400 stores to help raise awareness of 'hidden disabilities' such as Crohn's disease, autism, anxiety, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). 

The new signs have already been given the thumbs up by Crohn’s and Colitis UK and other supermarkets and businesses are been encouraged to follow suit.

Sue Bott, from Disability Rights UK, has praised ASDA's new signage, expressing that not all disabilities are visible and hopefully the signs will help to take some of the stigma away from people who need to use these toilets for reasons that might not be visible.

To meet demand for these signs Viro have recently launched a new Not Every Disability is Visible Accessible Toilet Sign which is available online for less than £10.00.

Please don't forget, all of our signs can be made bespoke, so if you can't exactly find what you need please get in touch.

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