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Outdoor Notice Boards

If you’re looking to display advertisements or notice outdoors, you'll need an outdoor notice board that will protect and secure your literature. Please explore the Viro range here! We believe there are three things to look for when choosing an outdoor notice board. It must have strong glazing, robust hinges and a high-quality locking mechanism. If we could only offer one piece of advice, it would be to avoid low-cost budget units from the Far East. In our experience they are not manufactured to a level required for an outside notice board. We have a huge choice of sizes, styles and colours available, so hopefully you should be able to find the perfect external notice board, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further help or advice!
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Tradition Lockable Notice Boards

From £165.38 GBP - £567.05 GBP

Classic Lockable Notice Board

From £228.03 GBP - £700.68 GBP

Series 1000 Lockable Notice Board

From £335.74 GBP - £819.74 GBP

Series 2000 Lockable Notice Board

From £403.60 GBP - £937.20 GBP